City of Lansing Implements a Rapid Data Warehouse and Custom Dashboard Analytics  

 Beaumont Dashboards


Lansing is the capital of Michigan with a population of approximately 114,000 making it the fifth largest city in Michigan. The major industries in the Lansing metropolitan area are government, education, insurance, healthcare, and automotive manufacturing with significant employers being the State of Michigan, Sparrow Health System, and General Motors.


As with any large municipality, the City of Lansing has data stored in multiple systems, both internal systems under the city’s control, and external systems governed by other organizations. In order to streamline reporting and analytics processes, the city identified a need to harmonize those data sets into a single data mart. And once the data was stored in a single location, high-impact dashboards and reports could be developed.


With WIT’s assistance, the City of Lansing deployed a modern data warehouse tool called TimeXtender, and a data visualization tool called Qlik Sense, to support the police and fire incident dashboards. WIT then developed several high-impact dashboards in Qlik Sense.


The incident dashboards provided key metrics around the number and type of crime, fire, and ambulance incidents. The dashboards included detailed heat map functionality to help identify clusters of incidents throughout the city in a visual manner. The outcome of the project provided a single point of truth for all fire and police incident data, which can then be made available for future dashboards and ad hoc queries.